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Does this extension compatible with my OpenCart version?

This information you can find on the module sell page. Just find "BUY" button on the right of the page, then look down and you can see heading "Compatibility". There is a list of compatible OpenCart version with this module.
Permission Denied!

If you see this message "Permission Denied! You do not have permission to access this page, please refer to your system administrator." - you must configure access for user group to this module.

1) Go to Admin > System > Users > User Group (admin/index.php?route=user/user_permission).
2) Select your main admin user group.
3) Add "Access Permission" and "Modify Permission" for module what you need, or click on link "Select All".
4) Save your changes.

What is the format of exported file?

Some of OCdevwizard modules have Export records function. With this function you can export saved records to CSV file. This file have specific structure. On the first line located column headings. On the next lines located record values. Values and headings separated by comma.
Example of file structure:
column name,column name
value 1,value 2
How I can add more background images for popup overlay?

If this module has tab Popup setting, then you can add your own background images for popup overlay. You can do this by uploading your image in to this folder image\ocdevwizard\..module name..\background\.
I want to install this module on my next web site. Can I do this?

You can do this, but you must purchase this module once more for you next web site. In this case you can find answer on the tab Terms and Conditions.
I want to purchase next your module. Can I get some discount?

Unfortunately this possibility is unavailable now.
I want to implement some additional functionality. Can you help?

In this case you can create ticket on the Support Center. Describe what you exactly want to implement in the module. Also read this tab Premium service.
I have custom theme. Is your module compatible with this theme?

I spent a lot of effort to make OCdevWizard modules more friendly with the custom themes, but I don`t give guaranty that module will be 100% compatible with the custom OpenCart theme (e.g Journal, Pavothemes and others). Please read this document in case if you need troubleshooting between my module and your custom theme / extension.

OCdevWizard team gives you a gift for one free module installation service by our specialist to one your main domain. If installation process is too difficult for you, or you have module compatibility issue with yours custom template - then this service best for you. We will glad to help you.

* - this special service available for customers who purchased module from 7.04.2017 only.
** - this special service can requested at once only. For all next repeated requests will be charged extra cost.

I have installed the module but seems he not working.

First of all you must read readme.txt file from installation zip.
You must follow the instructions in this file.
You must install correct module version for you opencart shop (this info you can find in readme.txt).
If you don`t know how to install this module then you can ask me for help.
I can install this module instead of you but this work will be not free. You can discover more on the tabs: Support information and Premium service.
I can`t save module settings.

If you have problem with saving of module settings try to do such action:
  1. Check warnings and notices on module page.
  2. If your store have more then one language, then try to open Language setting and fill all language fields for each of language tabs.
How I can translate your module to different languages?

If you want to translate my module, you must to copy language files from my module to your language folder. You must open installation zip with my module. Then you must go to:
admin\language\english or admin\language\en-gb
catalog\language\english or catalog\language\en-gb
There are you can see module folders. You must copy this folders to you language folder, for example admin\language\spain\ or catalog\language\spain\. Then you can edit files from my module end translate them.
How I can change text for the some module buttons, fields etc...?

If you want to change the text for some module buttons, fields or etc you can do this by editing the files in localisation folder.
You need to find module files in this folders:

In admin area:


In catalog area:

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