Licensing Policy

I (OCdevWizard) provide you a standard non-exclusive, non-transferable, not allowable to be resold, revocable license to one of your web domain. 
This license applies to all commercial products of OCdevWizard.
By purchasing products of OCdevWizard you automatically agree to the following:
1. You can use the product on only one domain of your website (example, and it is not limited to use on subdomains of this domain (for example or
2. You cannot sell/resell the product without written consent from the developer of OCdevWizard.
3. You cannot present/resend/distribute the product without the written consent from the developer of OCdevWizard.
4. You cannot present a product from OCdevWizard as your own. Please respect the time and efforts of the developer.
5. You cannot remove the copyright of the developer from the product of OCdevWizard.
The exception is the extended license which you can buy separately from OCdevWizard. To do this, please create ticket on OCdevWizard support center

I don’t guarantee and don’t promise that the product will work well on your site, or it will satisfy all your requirements, and that the product will successfully work with outside additions and products in your store. The product from OCdevWizard provided "as is" without any warranties, obvious or implied. I will not be responsible for any direct, indirect or any other damage or loss arising from work or not work of my product. You take all risks yourself using of my product.

As I propose not physical, irrevocable digital goods, I don’t approve and don’t return the value of the product after the order. You fully accept the responsibility and understanding of the product before buying.